About Us

B&E General Contractors, Inc.

Providing Remodeling Excellence Since 1985

B&E General Contractors, Inc., is a full-service, design/build remodeling firm. Established in 1985, our team of local, state, and national award-winning professionals will create custom design renovations for your unique lifestyle. Our designers, expediters, skilled professional carpenters, and office service members will work with you as a cohesive team – sharing their versatility, talent, and experience. We will deliver, and maintain, professional standards to create the quality results you expect and deserve.

We welcome your inquiries. It will be our pleasure and privilege to introduce you to remodeling in a safe, professional, and imaginative manner.

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We Are Your Professionals

Quality Work You Deserve

With You Every Step Of The Way

Through client interviews, design integration, flexibility, and honest budget discussion, B&E General Contractors, Inc. will blend your needs and wants into the entire renovation process, ensuring you receive your desired results.

Top-Quality Work

B&E General Contractors, Inc. uses first-quality building materials, reliable name brands, and the highest professional standards in workmanship, conduct, and ethics to create your ultimate home environment.

We Look Forward To Working With You!

Our Team Concept

Mark Brick founded B&E General Contractors, Inc., in 1985, proudly serving southeast Wisconsin clients with unique, creative, and lifestyle enhancing renovations. Mark is a past president of Milwaukee NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry), as well as past-president of National NARI. Mark has earned credentials as a Master Certified Remodeler, Certified Graduate Remodeler, Certified Aging in Place Specialist, and Universal Design Certified Professional. He has also provided leadership in NARI government affairs, membership, and philanthropic foundation committees. Mark and the B&E team are proud to provide homeowners with value that is deserved and professionalism that is expected.

B&E General Contractors, Inc. emphasizes a team approach to remodeling, recognizing that the homeowner is a vested member of the team. Field and in-house expediters, designers, carpenters, and associates comprise the crew who transform your remodeling concept to success. B&E General Contractors, Inc. is proud to recognize our rough-and-finish carpentry and expediting teams, some of whom have been members for over 25 years.

Mark credits the education, professionalism, and craftsmanship of the team for the longevity of the company. Throughout the years, hundreds of amazing homeowners also deserve accolades for their positive impact on Mark and all of the B&E General Contractors, Inc. associates.

Each remodeling project represents a dream and vision come true, and a family’s lifestyle enhanced.

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B&E General Contractors, Inc.

Our Mission

Since the founding of B&E General Contractors, Inc. in 1985, the company has remained dedicated to its mission statement: “We will provide customers with Value that is deserved and Professionalism that is expected.” This is the foundation of the longevity, talent, and integrity of our company.

Equally important is the unwavering support we have received from four-county, southeast Wisconsin communities. That inspires us to “give back”, whether to a local school district, community shelter, or national organization. Our clients inspire us!

  • St. Monica’s Parish
  • Nicolet High School Foundation
  • Nicolet High School Robotics Team
  • Jewish Community Pantry
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
  • Wisconsin German Shorthair Rescue
  • Renaissance Theaterworks
  • Hunger Task Force
  • United Way of Milwaukee and Waukesha
  • Best Buddies of Wisconsin
  • Gale Elementary School Band
  • MACC Fund
  • Milwaukee Rescue Mission
  • Vision Forward
  • Make-A- Wish Wisconsin
  • Jewish Beginnings Preschool
  • World Vision
  • Wisconsin Interscholastic Biking
  • St. Boniface Catholic Church
  • MJDS Tiny House for Veterans
  • Happy Endings Cat Shelter
  • Capuchin Community Services
  • Pathfinders
  • First Stage-Milwaukee
  • All Saints Catholic Church

Hear From Our Clients

B&E General Contractors, Inc. Advantage

Working With and For Our Homeowners

When delving into the world of remodeling, it is important that the homeowner compares remodelers on an equal scale of qualities. As professionals, we are responsible to deliver the desired positive result with quality, respect, and professionalism. We advise our homeowners to complete their due diligence and compare firms within a number of important categories and traits. These comparisons will allow you to enjoy a successful remodeling project, and results, for many years.

Remodeler Qualities

Remodeler possesses required licensures, EG: State of Wisconsin, City of Milwaukee, Lead-Safe

Remodeler and members of the team earned continuing education credentials ( proving a commitment to education within their organization, EG: CR ( NARI Certified Remodeler), CGR (NAHB Certified Graduate Remodeler), CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Remodeler), Lead-Safe Remodeler, OSHA Safety and Hazards training, CPR/First Aid

Remodeler is a member of professional organizations (NARI, NAHB)

Remodeler carries more than the state required workers’ compensation, liability and automobile insurance, and demonstrates proof to the homeowner through a certificate of insurance

Remodeler/owner has personal field experience

Remodeler provides “after-hours” emergency methods of contact (paging service, cell phone, email)

Remodeler provides regular site and/or remote progress meetings with the homeowner

Remodeler provides a list of current and past client references

Remodeler responds to inquiries in a timely and efficient manner

Local inspectors recognize the remodeler’s work ethic and quality/history in the municipality

Scope of Contract

Remodeler provides a detailed, organized construction agreement, and project scope specifications (including step-by-step processes, product selections or cost allowances per product)

Contract explains important details (including but not limited to: payment schedules, warranties, work stoppage information, owner supplied materials exclusions, hazardous material or site warnings, right of cancellation clauses, owner responsibilities, additional work requests)

Remodeler informs the homeowners of the Wisconsin Right to Cure Law

Design Qualities

Remodeler’s initial consultation is complimentary

Budget discussions are honest and transparent

Remodeler engages and listens to the homeowners about their vision, requests, and special considerations

Remodeler engages the homeowner, when applicable, about site measurements, survey and lot line requirements, foundation status

Remodeler invites subcontractors to the site for project consultation to obtain the most fair cost for subcontracted work (EG: electrical, plumbing, masonry, roofing, hazard materials abatement)

Design meetings are interactive

Team Concept

Remodeler is a design/build organization, incorporating in-house and team designers, expediters, rough and finish crews

Lead field and in-house expediters maintain constant communication with the homeowners for code considerations, change orders, scheduling, materials selections

Remodeler and expediters assist the homeowners with product vendor and material options, proper product selection, and recommend substitutions when applicable


Subcontractors invited to the team project have a history of proven positive experience

Subcontractors honor their warranties as outlined in the remodeling agreement

Subcontractors carry required workers’ compensation and liability insurance

Subcontractors supply the remodeler with annual proof of certificates of insurance

Client/Property Respect

Remodeler discusses avoidance of remodeling zones, for home occupants of all ages

Remodeler discusses quarantine of pets throughout the process

Remodeler posts restricted area signs

Remodeler discusses staging and storage of materials, dumpster location, hygiene facilities

Remodeler discusses owner’s responsibility for removal and storage of personal items and site protection

Client Preparation

Remodeler has a Site binder with project references, contact phone information, and where applicable, surveys, Digger’s Hotline, design plans

Homeowner has informed their homeowners’ insurance/agent of the work to be performed

If your remodeler has all of these qualities, than you are certainly considering B&E General Contractors Inc. to complete your home renovations. It is an honor and pleasure to work with and for you, serving southeast Wisconsin since 1985.